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Foodbank Days : Tuesdays and Thursdays

Opening Hours : 12pm to 2.30pm

Any enquiries, please write to : info@colindale.foodbank.org.uk



We rely on food donations to feed local people in crisis. From pasta to puddings, please give in-date non-perishable food. Click here to download our shopping list 

Trussell Trust foodbanks

The Trussell Trust foodbank network works in partnership with local churches and organisations to bring foodbanks to communities across the UK. There are now over 400 foodbanks in the network. Find out about our national network here

Real stories

Read real stories of lives changed by the foodbank

“ Coming to the food bank has helped me a lot as I cannot always afford shopping . If they were not here I would have been in trouble food wise, they are also very friendly helpful people and always serve with a smile ” - M.Namea

“ Since coming to the Food bank it has been a valuable service and has helped me out tremendously . Without this service I truly don't know what I would have done . Thanks to all the people who generously donate to the food bank. ”  - Charlie

“ When the weather is cold and I have used more money on heating. I am unable to do much shopping because my income cannot stretch. Also in the summer time especially when the children are not home, The food bank has been a blessing. Thank you and God bless. ” - Violet.

“ Thank you for the food good people , have a nice day look after yourselves. ”  - Tracey

“ Thank you to all the volunteers at the food bank, very helpful and kind thank you. ”